Friday, July 12, 2013

Wawa Supports Special Olympics PA!

Executives from Wawa, Inc. participated in a Unified Bocce exhibition on June 20th at Wawa University with athletes and coaches from SOPA’s Delaware County program. The exhibition was an opportunity for Special Olympics PA athletes to engage and connect with leadership from Wawa about the impact of the movement and the power of their generosity.
In addition, as part of the “Support the Home Team” campaign, Wawa, Inc. is supporting Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) this summer and extending into 2014 by funding the participation of Pennsylvania athletes at the Special Olympics National Games in New Jersey next June. SOPA will be one of the beneficiaries of a Wawa Coin Canister Campaign which began on July 7th and will run for 11 weeks. Also, a Counter Top Display Campaign will start on July 23rd and run for two weeks. All of this is merely a prelude to similar campaigns that will happen in early 2014 - all with the goal of underwriting the cost of National Games participation for all Team PA athletes. SOPA is scheduled to send more than 230 athletes to National Games, a record-sized delegation for the state. So please visit a Wawa near you frequently this summer and “Support the Home Team!”

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