Thursday, May 30, 2013

What makes Special Olympics Pennsylvania Remarkable?

My name is Jessie Salness and I am the newly appointed Lebanon County Athlete Representative, as well as a Track and Field and Powerlifting athlete.  I joined the Lebanon County division of Special Olympics Pennsylvania (SOPA) in the spring of 2012, and I wanted to tell you a few things that I think are remarkable about SOPA.
I love that we come together to practice and compete as a team, even when we are involved in sports that are often viewed as more individual or solitary sports.  It is wonderful that we support and cheer each other on to do the best that we can, and we often go way beyond what we ever thought was possible!  I know that I have lifted more weight and run faster than ever before, and that hearing the cheers of my fellow athletes helps push me to succeed!
Week after week we show up for practice, try our best, and encourage our fellow athletes, even when we may be frustrated or find things difficult.  There are easier things we could be doing that don't take as much effort, but our effort and perseverance pays off, especially when we compete in our various sporting events!
I often recall our Special Olympics Athlete Oath when competing, and want to remind my fellow athletes:
"Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."
I am proud to be a Special Olympics athlete, and especially proud to be the Lebanon County Athlete Representative.

Jessie Salness                                                                        
Special Olympics PA - Lebanon County
Athlete Representative

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