Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I am visiting Egypt as part of a US Sports United delegation to hold a clinic on swimming skills for Special Olympics Egypt coaches. I am travelling with a coach from Pennsylvania and a coach and athlete from Virginia. This coach’s clinic is 5 days long with one group of 50 coaches coming for two days, another group of 50 coaches for two days, and both groups coming together on the last day.

I have been in the pool helping to demonstrate the strokes and drills. The pool is outdoors, but very sunny and hot. We have very beginner swimmers, but I am showing them not to be afraid. It's not all work -- I had a chance to visit the pyramids, and even go inside one of them (it was very hot inside). I also rode a camel and visited a very big mall. We had dinner at the home of Mr. Ayman Wahab, who is in charge of Special Olympics in the Middle East/North Africa region. He had a beautiful house and it had its own pool.

Egypt is different with a lot of old buildings and crazy traffic with no lanes. It looks like people make up their own traffic rules, but there are not many accidents. The people are very friendly but the language is different so we have a translator. This trip has been a great experience.

Pictured: Farag El Sayad - our tour guide, Alice Moat, Gail Morning, Kester Edwards - Special Olympics athlete and staff member, Dennis Crean - Special Olympics coach, Bill Donohue - Gail's step-dad.

Gail helping swimmers in Egypt.

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